Great New Beauty Products for Fall

Own Your Look This Fall – New beauty products and trends for Fall 2018

This fall, make the most with your beauty routine. There are several exciting new products and trends to help you find the perfect look that shows who you really are. We’ve put together a quick list of tips, techniques, and must try beauty products to help you show the world your true colors.

Food-Themed Products

There has been a growing trend in food-themed beauty products this year. Many customers love the smells and textures that these new products bring to their beauty routine. With products from caramel lip balms to sugar cube exfoliators, there are many great new options to liven up your look.

There is also a new line of jelly texture products for a fun take on highlighters, conditioners, and moisturizers. These light and bouncy products are growing fast and providing amazing results for a natural look.

Inclusive Options

Many product designers have begun to recognize the variety and uniqueness of each person’s look. A wider range of shades and textures to match every person’s skin tone and style are becoming available. No more hard lines and blotching to match your complexion perfectly, giving that natural beauty look you deserve.

Cleansing Oils

Cosmetic companies and customers alike have recognized that oils are much more useful in the daily cleansing and preparation. This is one of the most essential parts of every skincare routine, and oils have become one of the most efficient and effective ways to get clean, clear, and radiant skin.

Tonal Lip and Eye Products

The trend this fall will focus on natural beauty. Eye shadow and liners, and lip treatments will be subtle while also complementing your skins own natural glow. Create the perfect all day look with a consultation to find the right palette to match your eye color, hair, and complexion. Having the right products and tones will make your everyday beauty seem effortless.

There are so many options available. Be sure to visit your favorite health and beauty stores at The Pinnacle—like Belk, Bath & Body Works, Francesca’s, J. Christene Salon, and Ulta Beauty—to ask a professional to help you find the right products and tones to match your beauty and your style.