New Pours for 2018

New Pours for 2018 – What’s new and trending in the world of spirits

Need to unwind after hours with your peers? There are a lot of new drink trends this summer that you’ll want to get out and sample. From rare ingredients to new ways to make the perfect cocktail, there’s never been a better time to try something new.

You’ve worked hard and earned a night on the town to decompress. Maybe you are feeling a little more adventurous and don’t want to rely on your same drink order. 2018 is a great time to step outside your comfort zone and experiment a little. From a renaissance of classic cocktails to new ingredients, the mixologists have been hard at work creating new trends to delight the palate.

Classic Cocktails Return

You’ll see a lot of the more complicated and extravagant drinks fall out of fashion this year in lieu of simple, classic recipes. In an article for The Observer, Russell Davis of Austin’s Academia stated, “the cocktails we as an industry have been introducing the past few years have been complex and sometimes ego-driven. But now, we are beginning to focus on the treatment of the actual ingredients, instead of complicating things with baby tears and unicorn sweat.” The trend to move back to basics means that a lot of bars will be perfecting the craft of creating classic cocktails with a higher degree of accuracy and better ingredients.

Fewer ingredients and better process means there will be a quicker turn around of orders and a higher level of craft in every glass. Some classics to try would be an Old Fashioned, Last Word or a Manhattan.

Infused and Fermented Spirits

Many creative bars will be making a splash with special treatments of their spirits through infusing and fermentation processes. By preparing the spirits with herbs, fruits, vegetables, and aromatics, bars are able to add subtle but impactful flavors to some cocktails that complement the recipe.

Some bars are also now experimenting with “washes.” These are processes of adding oils, dairies and fats to an infusion to add a savory flavor. Ready to try a cognac with a foie gras wash?

Low-ABV and Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

A trend that gained popularity in 2017—many bar goers a looking for a refreshing cocktail that has a lower alcohol content to satisfy their thirst. The idea is simple and logical. You want to go out and enjoy some time with friends at the bar with a nice drink, but you still have to be at the office at 8:00 am in the morning. Going for something a little lighter let’s you do both!

Using fortified wines and lower ABV spirits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor. In many cases, these cocktails can have more complex flavors and delicious combinations because they are not competing so heavily with the alcohol.

These drinks also allow many consumers that don’t want to drink to still participate in social events without feeling awkward or intrusive. Bars that offer a good variety of low-ABV and Non-alcoholic options are growing a new clientele to leverage.

Culinary Cocktails and Edible Garnishes

Many bars are now making a meal out of some of their drink options. Pairings have long been a tradition in bars, but now there are options for actual culinary ingredients being used directly in drinks. As an example, a cocktail may use beet or pepper syrups in the recipe, or an infusion of fats or reductions.

There is also a new level of garnishing available with more premium ingredients being offered to compliment a drink. Using vegetables, fruits and other kitchen staples to create beautiful presentations—that are also edible—is a great way to have your drink and eat it too.

Bittersweet and Savory Flavor Profiles

Many drinkers are becoming more conscious of overly sweet and sugared drinks. The overall trend of diners wanting less preservatives and sugars in their diets has also changed the drinks they want to consume.

Bitter and Savory recipes will continue to grow in popularity as a great option to control sweeteners in the bar. Dark chocolates, smoked, woody, and earthy tones will move to the forefront of many of the new cocktails you will see at forward-thinking bars. These new flavors and expectations will spawn a broad array of options for bars to be more creative in the drinks they put on the menu.

So, it’s a great time to go to your local bars and try something completely new and exciting. There will be no lack of options to sample, and the options will all offer something tasty and unique. The many great dining destinations available at The Pinnacle—like Aubrey’s, La Carreta, Outback and Drake’s will have a professional bar staff ready to help you find something to quench your thirst and enjoy a night on the town with friends and peers. Meet with some friends and make it a night to remember.