How CarMax Works

The Inside Track on CarMax
One of the biggest purchasing decisions, beyond a home, that most people will make in their life is the purchase of a vehicle. The process can be long, confusing, and frustrating. Most of us have heard the horror stories of people who had to deal with shady dealer sales staff, purchased a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon, or went through a marathon buying process that left them feeling taken advantage of.

That’s what sets CarMax apart from most dealerships in the country. They’ve worked very hard to make the car buying process as transparent and simple as possible for their customers. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the things that set CarMax apart from the stereotypical used car dealership.

A New Concept in Used Car Buying

Started in 1993 in Richmond, Virginia, CarMax Inc. is the nation’s largest retailer of used cars. The company’s size and diverse network of locations means they have the most variety of used cars anywhere. If the local lot you are visiting doesn’t have the perfect car you are looking for, chances are they have it on another lot and can quickly have the vehicle transferred for you. You don’t have to compromise for a vehicle you’ll drive every day for years that you are not in love with.

No Haggle Pricing

CarMax was also named as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2013. The CarMax staff are courteous and ready to help you find the right car for your everyday needs. Their “no haggle pricing” also means that the sales staff isn’t going to pressure you into a purchase you’re not comfortable with, and there won’t be a bunch of “add-ons” in the purchasing office. The price on the window is the price you will pay, no surprises!

No Buyer’s Remorse

Worried that you may get your new vehicle home and it won’t fit in the garage, or you might have second thoughts? CarMax has a hassle-free return policy to put you at ease. If you don’t love the vehicle in the first five days, just bring it back. CarMax wants you to feel confident and satisfied with your new ride.

Every vehicle under the CarMax Quality Certified program undergoes a 125+ point inspection of the drive systems, brakes, suspension, lighting, electrical, heating, air conditioning, body, interior, and much more!

Risk-Free Car Selling

Do you have a car you just want to sell, but don’t want to deal with the shady characters on Craigslist or other online auction sites? Bring it to CarMax, where they will do an inspection of your vehicle and then make you an offer based on the mileage, condition, and fair market value of your vehicle. The appraisal only takes about 30 minutes, and there is no charge to have your vehicle quote put together.

Flexible Financing

CarMax also offers a lot of different options for financing to help you find the plan that fits your budget and your needs. There is also no “handing off” to a finance manager, like at other dealerships, which is going to start up the whole purchase negotiation process all over again. Once you’ve found the car you want, the sales representative will be with you through the rest of the purchasing process.

CarMax has worked very hard to be the “stress-free solution” to buying, selling, and trading a used car. Having the peace of mind that you can find the perfect car at a fair price with no surprises is worth the visit. So, why not find out for yourself? Just come to the CarMax dealership located at The Pinnacle, the region’s premier lifestyle shopping destination!