Spring is Coming! Is Your Wardrobe Ready?

As the weather warms up and we all start to shed our winter wear, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning in our closets. Why not get rid of those aging items you’ve been holding onto for too long and find that perfect new style to complement the new you? There are a ton of exciting new trends for both women and men that will be sure to help you express who you really are in 2018.

Fashions for Her

• Rompers—The romper has been around for decades, but it is seeing a resurgence this spring. These one-piece outfits can be perfect with heels out on the town or with sneakers for a day in the park. There are lots of new cuts and designs to choose from now available at your favorite Pinnacle stores.

• Short Dresses—Dress hemlines are beginning to rise as the temperature does this year. A well-designed short dress is a great way to show off your fun side and a little attitude at work and at play.

• Dynamic Denim—You will see denim being used in some creative ways this year. It’s no longer just for jeans; it’s becoming a bigger part of the wardrobe as an accent and nontraditional styles as well. You can even find denim sweatpants becoming a thing this spring. Get to The Pinnacle and find out how denim can help you with your next great look.

Styles for Men

• Bright Polos and Button-Ups—Don’t be shy about showing your fun side this spring. Pump up the volume on your wardrobe with some bright new polos and button-up shirts. Adding some color can help you stand out without making you look like you’re trying.

• Chinos are Changing—We know you probably have several pairs of these “must haves” for the male wardrobe, but are they showing some age? The fit and style of men’s pants have changed quite a lot this year, and wearing those older khakis may not be doing you any favors. It’s probably a good idea to come in and let a professional at one of The Pinnacle’s shops upgrade your look.

• Safari Style—Over the past few years, flannels and plaids have reigned supreme for the more fashion-forward men out there. This woodsman look is still going strong, but many men are starting to mature their outdoorsy look with safari and ’70s military-style jackets, shirts, and accessories. Be sure to stand out by adding a few of these great new styles to your closet!