Luxurious Colors and Textures Highlight This Fall’s Fashion

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Fall 2017 will be a season of warm colors and strong, eye-catching features for fashion. The Pinnacle shops will be ready to help you stay on point as the temperatures begin to fall and the colors begin to change. Whether you will be supporting your favorite team at a tailgate or heading into the mountains to watch the leaves change, here are the trends to watch as you choose your fall wardrobe.

Warm, Rich Colors

This fall will be a warm affair with deep, luxurious burgundy and warm, rich gold. There will also be lots of new, interesting texture mixes to choose from. An outfit of deep, warm burgundy will be a great monochromatic look that is both bold and natural. It can provide a regal look that complements many different complexions and body types. For a bolder look, pair your new burgundy outfit with some bright reds or softer secondary colors in periwinkle or wine.

Yellows can be a difficult color to pull off in most seasons, but the warmer and softer goldenrod and saffron shades really pop in the fall outfits you can find at The Pinnacle. Don’t be surprised to see these colors applied to shiny and metallic fabrics in some really interesting ways.

Sheers, Shears, and Fringe

This fall is also looking to be an interesting season for unconventional cuts and combinations. There will be a lot of great new styles playfully combined to give some new life to your fall wardrobe. Fringe will be a big feature in many new outfits, with fringe lengths varying from short accents to long, flowing cascades.

You will see these paired with sheer fabrics to give a light and comfortable outline with lots of movement.

As the temperature drops even further in late fall, you will find lots of shearling accents on coats, boots, and sweaters. These materials will come in a bright new array of interesting colors and add practical beauty to any night out in the cooler weather.

We are so excited for the beautiful new clothing lines that have been inspired by one of the prettiest times of the year. To make sure you stand out and are on point this fall, get to your favorite stores at The Pinnacle, the region’s premier lifestyle shopping destination!